Sunday, January 6, 2013

Emergency room .

I spent the morning in the Emergency room with Dale he was Vomiting up acid and had severe stomach pain.
After the ruled out  ultra sounds his gallbladder and his pancris he decided it was a bad case of acid refux.
Dale needs to go have a scope put is his belly to rule out some other bad things that might be the cause of the acid reflux.
They gave him some awesome meds to coat the lining of his stomach to keep the acid at bay. He is feeling so much better.
I am going to end this post with something sweet that happened in the emergency room waiting room.
It was a busy day at the emergency room and we had to wait in a second waiting room before he could go back and be checked as we were sitting there we noticed this sweet old woman I can call her old because she was 94.
She was sitting there freezing trying to keep warm with her coat and her daughter was sharing her cup of coffee with her trying to keep her warm as well.
Dale disappeared for a moment and about two minutes latter he came back with blanket fresh out of the warmer and wrapped it around the sweet old lady's shoulder .
She and all the others were touched by this jester.
She asked him where he had gotten it from and he said he went and asked for it.
With a tear in her eye she said you are a very thoughtful young man.
I was quit impressed too.
Even tho he was in pain he saw the need of another and helped.
My husband is such a good example to me and to others I love him so much and I am grateful to be married to such a kind man.


  1. So sorry ..hope the tests are minimal. Dale is a good man.

  2. What a sweet story. And what a sweet husband!

  3. Good man Dale. Hope you feel better rather quickly. We're due for a Bro date here soon.

  4. You guys have been having too many emergency trips to the hospital lately! I hope this will change very soon. And that was very sweet of Dale to get the lady a blanket. :)