Monday, January 14, 2013

My day in pictures..

This is how I dressed today  a little boring .
I tell you a little secret even if I don't leave the house I always get dressed do my hair and make up and put jewelry on.
Some might think I am weird but that's just how I am.

I took the kids to school and boy was it cold outside.

After I droped off Ben I went to Target and got a new pair of flats yes I know I don't wear flats but I have to until my foot heals.
So I thought I would get some cute ones.

Had to get some things at Costco so I picked up some chicken for dinner.

Because it was so cold outside I made some cocoa.

I  started to decorated my house for Valentines day on of my favorite days of the year,

Garrett acting like a goof ball , I don't know why but it reminded me of a seen in spider man.
"You wont like me when I am angry."

Maddie being part of the purple girl group.

Like every night Ben not wanting to eat.

So there you make my day in pictures..

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