Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend get away.

A week ago we decided to get away for the weekend. 
We had a blast it was just what I needed after getting my biopsy results.
We drove up on Friday in the now and stayed until Sunday afternoon.
I had a hard night on Friday I cried a lot and could not sleep. My heart was very heavy not knowing what is exactly going on with my body. This is the hardest part for me the waiting I like to be in control of my life I like to know whats going on even if it's bad.
When I know things I can have a plan this is my biggest and greatest fault I like to plan things and know whats going on this keeps me sane.
So needless to say this journey has been emotionally trying on me. 
I always remind my self I can do hard tings and this is hardly the hardest thing I have ever done.
I really enjoyed listing to conference and hearing the cancel of our general athortys.
I have no doubt that the Lord loves me.
I have been so blessed in my life.

Now for pictures of our fun weekend in Breckenridge.
So they aren't great just cellphone pictures because I was so upset with everything that was going on I forgot my camera.

We had fun hiking and looking at the different ice formation.

I loved seeing all the fall colors on the aspens.

Ben like playing with the ice crystals in the river.

I love Ben's face in this picture.

I love this man he is so good to me.

We hiked around the resort for a little while.

Then came back and watched conference.
I felt like I had a 10 hour spiritual feast.

In between conference sessions  I took pictures of the beauty all around me .

The kids and Dale played in the hot tubs and pool.

It was only 17 degrees out but the water was warm and the ground was heated.

This is what all the no heated areas of the resort looked like.

I am Glad the kids and Dale had fun even if I think they were nuts

More pretty trees. This was my morning view out side my window.

I was super sad to leave. I cant wait until the next time we go.

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  1. Looks like a nice place to go!! Glad you had a nice weekend get away.