Monday, October 7, 2013

Save the Date!!

Just kidding don't save the date.
But I have a date the 21 of October that is the day I will be having surgery.
I went to see the surgeon today a nice young man. He answered more of my questions he was still vague on what exactly is going on in my body and said we will have no real answers until the tumor is out and tested.
I also learned that I have two tumors the size of  erasers on my left thyroid. I thought all the tumors were on my right side. For now the doctor said to leave them be until after my surgery and know more about whats going on. 
So for now I am not going to think about them.
I am still unsettled about whats going on put I felt peace and a burden lifted off my shoulder knowing we have a plan in action.

On a side note I found this funny since my friend Sandy teased me the other day that the scar will be no big deal because the doctor will just make an incision in one of the wrinkles in my neck.
When the surgon was looking at my neck he said you have no ageing in your neck to hide the scar. 
Not going to life this made me happy I guess there is an upside to every situation:)

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  1. Well, I guess they can't be too worried if they are waiting that long to operate. Thanks for keeping us posted! You're amazing!