Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin carving

 Every year we care pumpkins it's a Wilderness family tradition. Hopefully one we never grow out of. We went to The store and picked out the perfect pumpkins. Then the kids ( By the kids I mean Ben and Maddie) picked out patterned to carve.

I guess the big boys weren't interested so it was just Mylissa, Ben and Maddie.
Mylissa helped cut the top off and Ben and Maddie did the rest.

Ben did not want any help he was so excited we let him use the knife by himself .

He took his time so it was done right.

I just love Ben he is growing so fast it is hard on me because he is the baby. Somedays I just wish I could stop time.

As they were carving I was watching the beautiful sunset. The pumpkins turns out great! I will revill them on another post .

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  1. Fun! We just did our carving over the weekend. I posted pics today. Looking forward to seeing your family's pumpkins!