Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Last day of school!

No more pencils no more books no more teachers dirty looks!
I would scream this every year after the bell would ring on the last day of school as a child who struggled in school I lived for summer breaks where I could run around hang out with my friends and not have to do any homework.

I am not sure who was more excited for this school year to be over with me or Ben.

Normally it's a battle to get Ben to school but today he ran to the car. 

My other kids were excited for school to be over with too. This was a super long school year for some reason. Me and Ben both struggled. We vowed next school year will be better. Ben has already taken on the responsibility of requesting Spanish immersion. He went to the office picked up the paper work and brought it home for me to look over. When I was saying towards a no he went to his desk and wrote down the pros and cons then expressed to me why it was importation to him. I was impressed and proud if him for taking responsibility for his schooling. I gave in and said yes. He truly is a great kid! 
 So here's to a fun filled summer! 

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