Saturday, September 7, 2013

First day of schools 2013-2014 part one and Two

We are into the second week of 2013-2014 school year.
Back to school is always hard for me I love having my kids home and hate when summer is over and we have to have every weekday scheduled and busy.
Having high schooler a middle schooler and an elementary kid means lots of activity.
I feel like the day's rush by and then it's the weekend and then hear we go again busy busy busy.
I also hate that my kids are getting older and leaving the nest time is just going by way to fast.

I know this is a concept that is hard for some moms to understand. especially when they are in the little kid stage of life.
I lot of my friends cant wait until kids are back in school so they can have a break.
Other moms like the structure school provides for their children.
I totally get it I was there once but just wait until your youngest is going to their first day of kinder garden then you will understand.
Now that my kids are older it's way more fun having them home.

Now that I had my little rant it's picture time!

All I can say was Garrett was a total punk .
He did not want his picture taken.
I swear he is reverting back to being 4 since he turned 14 and I have to be honest I did not like him much as a 4 year old he was hard moody and drove me nuts but I loved him dearly then and  I love him dearly now.

So Garrett is a Freshmen in high school this year he is very excited about being in high school.
He is defiantly my kid he wanted all brand names of clothing and went fro the preppy look this year he also loves shoes and has a lot of the.
He is lucky that I am so good at getting great deals on the brands and things he likes.
I have a feeling this is going to be a great but difficult year for him.
I say difficult because I think he is struggling with being in the same school as his siblings. 
He love's them but I think he is a little embarrassed by them. 
He is very popular and cool his siblings are e nerdy and weird  in their own way but well liked they don't mind being their own person and different.
Garrett on the other hand minds in public but dose not mind at home.
So hopefully he can find an even balance.

Benny my happy go lucky class clown boy that all the girls love is going into 4th grade. Where did time go? (sigh)
As hard as it is for me to send him off each year he loves it!
Ben is smart and very well liked.
His friends we very excited to see him again.
I have a feeling this is going to be another great year for Mr. Ben.

Ben and Garrett went to school on Monday because all elementary school aged kids started that day and 9th and 6th graders had school. 
My other 3 had the day off.

Robbie Mylissa and Maddie had their first day the next day and I almost forgot to take a picture of them.
So I took one quick shot of the three of them as we were leaving out the door.

Madeline is in the 7th grade this year she is excited and happy she loves middle school.
Madeline has grown taller and needed all new school clothes which she was very excited about.
I loved all her clothes too and wish I was outfitted like her in middle school. 
She is growing into such a beautiful young lady.

Robbie is a in the 11th grade that blows my mind a bit.
He is such an amazing young man he is smart and thoughtful and nerdy in a cool way.
We love him so much this is honestly the first year I have not felt sick about him going to high school.
I have always worried that he would be picked on because he is different he has some awkward social skills from having Aspburgers . Kids can be mean when they realize someone is different. Robbie has been able to use being different as a strength. 

Mylissa has a semester left in high school.
She struggles so much in school it dose not come easy for her but I have to giver props for sticking it out and not quieting
She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. 
We love her very much and are grateful she is a part of our family.

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