Friday, June 28, 2013

Garden of there Gods

Ben's favorite hike is the Garden of the Gods.
We go a few time every year.

We took Stoney with us and he love it he had tons of fun smelling everything.

Here is Madeline and Dale.

Dale and Stony and the beautiful view.

Maddie and Ben on the Rocks.

Maddie and Ben hiding in the Rocks.

Ben posing.

Dale and I

Stony and Maddie

More posing and silly faces.


More posing on the rocks.

If you had not noticed yet it was only Ben and Maddie and stony the other kids were at camp and baby sitting.
It was nice to spend some time with the little kids and doing the things they like.

One last picture Stony was a hot dog.. I never new how long his tong was before.
We had a super fun time together as a family I cant help to think as this is the way it is going to be more and more..

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