Thursday, June 27, 2013

Benny's first year at Cub Camp and the beginning of the Black Forest fire.

Benny was so excited for his first year at Cub scout Camp! 

He got up early got ready and a way we went..

Ben's buddy was one of his best buddies Joseph they have a special bond because they were born in the same hospital. They were both proud of that fact being military kids that have moved to many places since they were born. 

We started the morning with a 2 mile hike, we learned many things about safety and leaving no trace.
We also learned about fire safety one of the boys asked what we would do if the forest around us caught on fire,
We reassured the boys we would get them to safety and all would be ok.
We even snickered about think in our minds this would not be a worry.

After our hike it was lunch time then we played marbles and started our requirements for our would chip badge.
We learned about blood circles and the boys started carving something out of soap.
In the mean time I smelt heavy smoke asked my friend that was with me if she smelled it too we also noticed the air was thick with smoke.
After talking to the leaders in charge we found out the talked to 911 and it was confirmed that it was very close to us. we were reassured that there was fire fighters on seen an there was no need to evacuate.
We told 911 that we had over 200 boys and leaders they reassured us that it would be ok.
5 mins later our church leaders decided that we should evaluate.

I was impressed how fast we got the boys and leaders together.
I was impressed at how well the boys listened and did not panic.

After we had everyone together we said a prayer and got instructions on how to get out of Cathedral pine where we were having camp the back way.
Most of the leaders were not familiar with the back roads but the main road was the one that was on firer the firer was on the corner of the entrance to the road we took to get to the camp.
It took us about 10 mins to get everyone in to cars and out of danger. as some of  leaders were gathering there stuff a fire truck came up and told them to leave everything and get out of the area and to safety.

I took this picture as we were leaving the area. we could tell by the black smoke a structure was going up.
It made ,me sad but I could not dwell on it . I had to help insure the safety of the boys that were in the car I was in..
I was impressed with my friend and driver Kim she was calm and when she thought we might be lost she flagged down a car who was kind enough to let us fallow them to safety.

I cant help but hear the echo of the little boy that had asked just a few hours before" what would we do is the forest around us caught on fire." 
I am so glad we were able to fulfill our promise when we said "we will get you out safely"

Needless to say Ben's first cub scout day camp was one he will never forget. 
Just to clarify we did not start the fire.:)

This fire was the black forest fire the worst wild fire in Colorado History.

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