Monday, February 3, 2014


At our house everyone pitches in with chores. Every week the kids chores change my kids are expected to do them every night. Some of my kids do it with out being asked others I have to remind them several times. Lately I feel like my kids have lost all sanity and have totally forgot how and what is expected when it comes to chores. If I am not around to constantly remind them nothing gets done. A few weeks a go I had enough I might or might not of had a fit what ever I had worked. My kids are doing better at their chores. 

Ben was not happy whe I Made him clean on a snow day but he did an awesome job on the bath room. He also had pride in what he did. 

Last Saturday I was running errands and was surprised to come home to Garrett cleaning the whe house with out being asked. I was very pleased and touched that he chose to clean with out being asked I know that he hates to clean so this ment so much me. 

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